Tree Stump Removal Cost 2023

Tree Stump Removal before and after

As a rough estimate, our tree stump removal cost usually ranges between £125 to £450, depending on the size of the stump, which includes the removal of waste. We do not necessarily charge per stump, as several small diameter stumps may still cost £125 to grind. The cost of stump grinding can be influenced by a couple of factors such as the diameter of the stump, with larger stumps costing more, and the location of the stump, with stumps in difficult to reach areas costing more due to the time taken to complete the job.

Tree Stump Grinder Hire

If you are considering renting a stump grinder machine and doing it yourself, it is important to note a few watch outs on the pricing. The cheapest advertised price of around £95+VAT for a one day rental does not include mandatory fees for petrol and blade wear and tear, which can add up to £25+VAT. Additionally, stump grinder rental machines are usually 13hp and work best on small to medium-sized stumps, not larger ones. Delivery is not usually included, so that could add an extra £30+VAT to the total cost unless you pick up and return the machine yourself before the shop closes. You might also need to purchase a damage waiver. Overall, a one day rental for the smallest machine can cost between £160-£200, depending on delivery, and then you’ll still need to grind the stump yourself.

If you are located in the South Devon area and would like a more accurate stump removal price, please fill in your details and we will get back to you with the cost.

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