Tree Stump Removal Cost Guide

Tress stump removal before and after

The tree stump removal cost can vary a lot depending on things such as the number of tree stumps, the stump diameter and the ease of access.  What some people might consider to be a large stump, might not be quite so big for us, and vice versa.

That said, as a very rough guide, our tree stump grinding cost tends to be between £150 for small diameter stumps to £450 for large diameter stumps, this includes waste removal

It is important to remember that we don’t necessarily charge per stump either, for example several small diameter stumps might cost roughly the same as one stump as a large part of the cost can be just getting the team and machinery to site.  To get a more accurate tree stump removal cost, send us a few details and we’ll get back to you quickly with the price.

Considering hiring a stump grinder and doing it yourself?

In some cases it may be cheaper, however there are some watch outs.  For comparison, one day rates are typically advertised as around £95+VAT, however there are usually mandatory add ons for petrol and blade wear and tear, which amount to £25+VAT.  It is worth bearing in mind the power of the machinery you are hiring relative to the size stump you are tackling; they tend to be suitable for small to medium sized stumps, not large.  Delivery is usually not included, which can add another £30+VAT to the cost unless you pick up and return before the store closes. You might also need to add a damage waiver.

In total, a one day hire is often between £160-£200 depending on delivery, not forgetting you then need to grind it yourself.

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